Hearing Care Products

There are many products available to help you both make the most of your hearing aid investment and to help prevent hearing loss.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

In most situations, properly selected hearing aids can resolve the majority of your communication difficulties. However, there may still be select situations such as television viewing, attending the theater or cinema, and telephone use where ALD technology is beneficial. ALDs have a wide range of applications for patients with or without hearing aids and include some of the following products:

  • amplified telephones
  • alarm and alert devices (alarm clocks, smoke detectors, telephone signalers, doorbell alerts, car alerts)
  • television listening systems
  • personal listening systems

ALDs may be discussed during your hearing aid consultation but appointments for an ALD consultation can also be arranged for a later time. Many ALDs are on display for your viewing and can be purchased at our office. Ask us for more information about these products.

Custom Noise Protection Earplugs

For those exposed to increased levels of industrial or recreational noise, hearing protection may be recommended. A variety of specialized custom-made earplugs are available. If you are exposed to loud noise (such as industrial noise, lawnmowers and other yard equipment, music, firearms) on a regular basis we strongly recommend that you protect your hearing.

Swim Molds

These custom molds help reduce the amount of water that enters into the outer ear canal. This type of mold may be recommended for those with external or middle ear precautions or tubes in the ear drum. These molds are recommended for swimmers and surfers as well. They are available in a variety of colors.

Hearing Aid Care Products

Your hearing aids need regular care and maintenance to keep them in optimal working condition. Because they are exposed to moisture, ear wax and other conditions that can impede their performance, our hearing care professionals will advise you about how you can keep your hearing aid clean and dry.

It is important that you never use household cleaners or water on your hearing aids. These substances can damage both the earmold and the circuitry. Never submerge your hearing aids in water or attempt to dry them using the microwave, oven or hairdryer.

Protect your investment by using products specially formulated to help you care for your hearing aids. These products include cleansing and disinfecting wipes or sprays and hearing aid dehumidifiers and driers. Ask us about hearing aid care products.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Premium hearing aid batteries in a variety of sizes are available at our practice. For your convenience, batteries can be mailed to you directly. Ask us about our battery program.

Do you have questions about or need to purchase Assistive Listening Devices, Batteries or Hearing Aid Care Products? Our staff will be happy to help you find the products you need. Please feel free to give us a call.