Elgie B., Salinas, CA

“When the time in my life reached the point where I felt I was having difficulties with my hearing, I decided I would look for someone who shared my concerns and anxieties about this transition in my life. After investigating several sources, I selected the Hearing Aid Center of Carmel and Monterey headed up by Ganesh Kripapuri. I felt it was the right decision. Ganesh demonstrated a real concern for the anxiety I was feeling about my hearing loss. He provided clear and insightful guidance on the steps necessary to help me with my hearing loss. I feel Ganesh is well trained, technically sound and demonstrated intelligence by sharing the latest research on the methods and devices currently being utilized in the treatment of hearing loss. I feel strongly that integrity matters to Ganesh and his staff. His door is always open and is serious about providing the best possible service to meet the client's needs.” 
Ganesh Kripapuri