Paul D., Salinas, CA

“If ever in the market for hearing aids, I hope you will seriously consider taking your business to Ganesh Kripapuri. His office is easy to get to at the mouth of Carmel Valley, near the old Brinton’s store. I was somewhat reluctant to face up to my obvious hearing loss a few years ago. With the encouragement of my wife, we went to see Ganesh who had been recommended to us. He immediately put us both at ease with his outgoing and friendly manner. He quickly gained our confidence in his competence and professionalism. From the initial testing to the fine-tuning of my new hearing aids, he held our hands through the entire process. We were obviously concerned about cost. He gained our trust in this area as well. He equipped me with a state-of-the-art set of hearing aids at an affordable price. His follow-up services are excellent. Every six months I am reminded by his staff to come in for complimentary hearing aid batteries, and a quick check to make certain all is performing properly. On the few occasions I have had concerns (accidentally wore them in the shower, dropped them on the floor, etc.), a free servicing was provided. By the way, the replacement guarantees are fabulous. Fortunately, I have not had to do so. But it is nice to know. In short, I would recommend Ganesh to anyone (to everyone!) who is dealing with hearing loss and who wants a successful solution.”

Ganesh Kripapuri