Mark D., Pebble Beach, CA

“I have been a client of Ganesh Kripapuri and Carmel Hearing Aids for over six years. My experience has proven to be rewarding in every way. It was out of needed that I visited Ganesh at first. My hearing, never my strong suit, was deteriorating. This can be very isolating, and a little depressing. To meet Ganesh was like having a veil lifted. He is such a positive person, so informative, I felt that I wasn't in this alone. Ganesh explained that, while not curable, hearing loss could be managed by use of hearing aids. With testing, Ganesh determined the nature of my hearing deficit, and matched my needs with in-the-canal aids. While not perfect, it was a dramatic improvement of my hearing acuity. I no longer avoided those awkward social situations that created such anxiety. I have now purchased two sets of aids from Carmel Hearing Aids. The industry continues to make tremendous technological advances. While my hearing loss is permanent, Ganesh has shown me that the technology will continue to give me an “edge” going forward. I applaud Ganesh for his expertise, but even more for his qualities as a man. He is funny, sincere and caring. He has gotten to be more of a friend than a business associate. His wife Dawn is charming. The Office Manager, Trina is also a great ambassador of the company. It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial. Should you have a hearing deficit, Carmel Hearing Aids is a company to seek out!”

Ganesh Kripapuri