Warren D., Big Sur, CA

“ I have been wearing hearing aids since 1991. My hearing loss started in the 60's, while in the military, and so the Veterans Administration provides me with hearing instruments and maintains them. In 2008, after about 8 years with Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade, it was determined that my difficulty hearing, was becoming a problem for everyone on the Brigade. It was also mentioned that it could end up with someone getting hurt, either myself, or another firefighter. At this time, our Chief sent me to Ganesh Kripapuri, at Carmel Hearing Aids. After an extensive exam, including hearing tests to determine how severe, and in which ranges I have difficulties. He also gave me speech recognition tests to determine exactly how accurately I am able to hear speech. The results were not good, and I could not hear well enough to pass National Fire Safety Guidelines. The good news in this story is that Ganesh did know what would help me and prescribed a hearing aid that helped me to hear better than those which the VA had given me. He fitted me with better ear molds, which also helped me to hear more clearly, and then carefully adjusted the instruments for maximum advantage. Because of these differences, I was able to serve on the Fire Brigade for an additional two years. My hearing loss is, and has always, been a progressive condition. I knew when I got the aids that it would only be a matter of time, before I would have to leave Firefighting, but I am so grateful for Ganesh helping me to continue serving, as long as was possible. I would also refer anyone who is having difficulty with hearing, to go see Ganesh, and do it soon. I believe you will be all the better for it.”

Ganesh Kripapuri